36 Comforting Soups to Make All Winter

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Soup Roundup

Winter is coming. Is that catchphrase old yet? To me winter means:

Dropping Temperatures + Busy Schedules + Large Group Gatherings = Soup

Right now I am dealing with a cold and a nice warm bowl of soup always makes me feel better. Here are some of my favorite soups to serve at this time of year.

Comforting Soup Recipes

Stovetop Soups

Slow Cooker Soups

Instant Pot Soups

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  1. I definitely shouldn’t have read this post when I was hungry. I now want ALL the soups!

    The two I’m printing out to try is the Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup, and the Corn Chowder!

    Thank you so much for sharing this yummy round-up with us on the Homestead Blog Hop!


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