Spicy Friday, June 28, 2019

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After reflecting on this post, it seems the theme of the day is encouragement and moving forward.

More Credit More Grace

Kristina Kuzmic

I have loved Kristina Kuzmic for years, even before I became a mother. Her videos are so uplifting and encouraging. Somehow life always seems to find a way to put just the right one of her videos in front of my eyes at just the right time. She raises mothers up without lowering others. One of my biggest issues with media meant to empower women is that it often lowers another group of people by comparison.

“You can tell who the strong women are, they’re the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down.”


I think it’s easy to get caught up in social media and assume that everyone else’s life is so much better than your own. But I feel like she is always honest and admits that her life isn’t perfect and that she struggles too. A few weeks ago she posted a video titled “From One Struggling Mom to Another.” In it, she talked about how she was struggling. There was one line in the video that really stuck with me: “More credit than criticism, more grace than judgment.” I am my own worst critic and am harder on myself than I would ever be on anyone else. I created an 8×10 print of that quote to remind myself every day to give myself more credit than criticism, more grace than judgment.

Do It Scared Podcast with Ruth Soukup

Courage is being scared but taking action anyway despite our fear.

– Ruth Soukup

Favorite Episode So Far: “How To Stop Listening to That Voice in Your Head That Says You Can’t”

The week before I listened to this episode, I had just taken a leap of faith and started this blog. I was bombarded by thoughts telling me this was stupid, a waste of my time and money, and something no one other than me would be interested in. That voice that kept telling me I wasn’t good enough or smart enough has been following me around my entire life. It holds me back in so many areas and I have grown so tired of listening. After hearing this podcast I started implementing some of the strategies she suggested to quiet this awful voice. I am happy to say something must be working. I am still here writing and am now striving to use these strategies in other areas of my life as well.

If Not Now, Then When?

If not now, then when? from r/DesignPorn

This image came across my Pinterest feed and really stood out to me. In that momement, I felt like life was telling me to move forward, get started. My day job is graphic design so I really love the way the artist played around with the placement of the letters.

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